Benefits of living in a Township Projects

Popularly known as the city within the city, a township in a number of ways is the one-stop destination that fulfills all the daily requirements right next to the doorstep. The benefits of a township comprise smooth connectivity, exclusive amenities, green surroundings and other useful things such as entertainment zones, convenience stores, healthcare centers which help in enhancing the opportunities of residential for the property owners.

What is township?

The format of a township, even though it has been around for quite some time now, is even today not unified throughout the country. A lack of a common definition signifies that anything ranging from a development of an area of 25 acres- to 2500 acres is called a township. However, the individual state government, as well as planning authorities, have specific key prerequisites for any project to be titled as a township. In states like Maharashtra, Bengaluru, etc. the minimum area for township projects has to be 100 acres. Besides, there’re certain other norms such as minimum width of the road, the percentage of the land usage, etc. which have been specified by authorities. 

Key benefits of buying a property in a township

Exceptional experience of life

As compared to the conventional residential projects, the townships offer bigger open space, jogging tracks, gardens, playgrounds, etc. that fulfill the requirements of different age groups ranging from kids to younger population. Additionally, there is a walk-to-work possibility that helps in augmenting the balance of work existence. 

One stop destination

Township is a type of one-stop solution where you will find everything which satisfies your requirements right from entertainment venues to shopping complexes.


Township is often knit very closely with key socio-economic zones making a city. They give easy access to the main transportation modes, education institutions, financial arms, medical zones, recreational or refreshment spaces, commercial destinations, etc. 

Advanced security

Very well equipped with advanced automation and a controlling system for offering safety and security, a township is considered to be the safest residential zone. The ability to offer video surveillance systems, 24*7 monitoring systems and CCTVs help in making the residential properties liveable. 

Sustainable life

A township is precisely planned through sustainable and eco-friendly features such as gardens, green landscapes, sewage treatments, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, etc. making life in compliance with nature’s rules a reality. 

Best of class amenities

Apart from offering comfortable space for living, the township offers a wide range of top-class amenities as well as comforts. Then whether it is a mini theatre, shopping mall, sports complex, party space or any other such thing, the township has it all. 

A hassle free life

Most of the townships due to their sheer size are positioned exquisitely away from the city and this directly implies no pollution, no traffic, no urban hassles, shaping the dreams of the residents. 

Should you invest in a township?

A big advantage of investing in the big integrated township is that the price of entry is very low as compared to investment in a city. Most of the integrated townships are now being developed at a good distance from the city and this offers the developer the benefit of the low cost of land. 
So if you are looking to invest your money in a township, then just do proper research first and then make your investment. Check if it offers all the basic amenities, proximity from the city, the modes of transportation available around it, etc. If you are satisfied with all these things you may go ahead with investing in the township.

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