Why Choosing Haridwar for Your Real-Estate Investment Sounds Worthwhile?

A second home is always considered as an Abode of Peace when you need some relaxation or break from your regular schedule. And when it’s about recharging you in an environment where purity and sanctity are the ultimate concern, Haridwar is the place that comes to mind both for a healthy body and a pure soul. A plethora of second home options in the lap of the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand attracts real estate investors as well as buyers.

Haridwar – The Hub of Houses!

Flats in Haridwar have become one very sought-after option these days, for those, who wish to spend a quality life after retirement or during vacations. When you plan to buy a property in a hilly tourist destination, you need to observe numerous things from close and consider. Here is a discussion that may help you in the process of selection and finalizing the property.

o   Favourable State Regulations: Uttarakhand Govt. is quite flexible and particular in respect to property buying and selling by residents as well as outsiders of the state. Of late, Uttarakhand has grown to be an investment open state without any restriction on plot size. The State Govt. has also set regulations on the purchase of agricultural land outside the city area. The Govt. has also set the Land Ceiling Act for purchasing agricultural properties within state limits.

o   Multiple Options for Buyers Available: Being a tourist spot that is hilly, Haridwar is not to be underestimated in terms of property ranges and categories. Uttarakhand, especially Haridwar, along with Rishikesh, offers quite several properties of varied categories for both residential and agriculture purposes. Starting from small two-bedroomed properties to apartments and villas, Haridwar is now a growing place, real-estate wise. For those who prefer to spend life in the lap of peace and sanctity, Haridwar is a common name to them.

o   Steady Yet Justified Appreciation of Rates: Any property in a growing place has always seen upward rising rates in case one has tried to sell. The resale values have always been a major concern among property buyers. In this respect, Haridwar, if once you have owned flats in Haridwar, you can rest assured that the appreciation value will always get hiked. For example, properties in Haridwar and other major parts of Uttarakhand have witnessed a hike of more than three times in a span of two to three years.

o   Freehold Properties: Not only developed flats and apartments in Haridwar but all types of plotted development throughout the state are also sold as freehold properties that too backed with set paper works. This helps the fresh registration of property in Haridwar easier.

o   Leasehold Model Getting Popular: With the popularity of hospitality chains and rooms on rent, people are purchasing more and more properties for rent. Investors are investing in properties on a lease basis to put them on rent and earn a hefty amount from that.

Tips for Buyers

With the growing popularity of Haridwar as a real estate hub and property investment center, fraudulent practices have also grown in varied ways. Buy property in Emerald Riviera that keeps you free from all sorts of woos, giving you the best deals in real estate across the state.

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