House In Haridwar

Why Buying a House in Haridwar via ETH Infra will be a good decision ?

Having a House in Haridwar to live your life in the lap of nature at the bank of Ganga is a dream for every Hindu family. But very few of them are able to full fill it. Now Eth Infra is here to help you.

ETH Infra was introduced in 2013 and with time, we have seen growth, expanded and progressed on the path to success. With our continuous efforts and hard work, we have become a top and reputable real-estate player in different states in the country. We have been able to develop good relations with our investors, buyers and homeowners. More than profits, we have earned fame, confidence and respect from our clients in the real estate business and state-of-the-art property development. We have constructed residential societies, shopping malls, shopping complexes, resorts, hotels, commercial buildings, etc. 

We have a common goal in mind while developing all our projects and that is to equip all our commercial as well as residential projects with modern amenities, luxury, and state-of-the-art infrastructure in compliance with nature and eco-friendly natural habitats. Our building construction has always been eco-friendly. Our focus has always been on the quality, convenience, safety, comfort and security in each and every project. We also believe in propagating an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle that offers continuous water supply, uninterrupted electric supply, good ventilation along with serene views. 

Expertise and integrity

ETH Infra is always driven by its strongest commitment to offering state-of-the-art construction to our clients, unique designs, high-quality materials of construction and world-class specification.


Our progress in this sector has been the founding stone of happiness for millions of clients. We have been able to deliver happiness and satisfaction to all our customers. We will make continuous efforts to do so in the future as well. Our sole aim is to create the finest chain of sustainable properties which are equipped with all the modern amenities.

We always look forward to expanding our team and we are constantly looking for well-experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic personnel who can contribute to our success. Our continuous training sessions help in nurturing talent in our company. 

We are always on the lookout for lateral thinkers who can contribute to our organizational values and add value to the business processes we follow. We are always open to welcoming new ideas. 

It’s our constant effort to deliver value to the stakeholders by developing products that improve the lifestyle of the customers.

In spite of being a product-driven business, we consider ourselves to be a service industry. Thus, our services are meant for designing properties for life. We aim at developing properties that help you in focussing on important things like developing a business, growing your family, maintaining relationships with friends or simply spending time pursuing your dream.

We envision properties, residential as well as a commercial which uphold unmatched quality. 

Our Core Values

· Quality of action· Empowering ourselves to serve our clients
· Integrity in thoughts as well as action
· Inherent trust in the team and our clients

What do we stand for?

We take pride in our uncompromising commitment to serving our clients with excellent services. Then whether we are serving a young couple for choosing their perfect house or simply advising our investors to invest in a property, we are committed to making their dreams come true. 
The success of our projects stems from the continuous efforts of choosing and retaining the best talent for selecting the most appropriate development partners which comprise award-winning designers, architects contractors, etc. Right from identifying prime locations to choosing sophisticated construction materials our team does it all with utmost care. 

We have become one of the leading real estate developers in the region having bespoke properties in our kitty. 

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